The Warehouse All Ages Concert Venue Since 1992

The Warehouse 1888

The Warehouse is a unique all-ages concert venue located on the 3rd level of a historic building in downtown La Crosse, WI. Since 1991, The Warehouse has played host to over 6000 bands and other acts, gaining a great reputation for being one of the best places to see live bands in the Midwest. There is almost no other place you can visit that shares it's unique atmosphere and history.

Concert-goers who have visited The Warehouse have been able to see many bands on their way to the top. All-American Rejects, Everclear, Mudvayne, Descendents, Static-X, Frank Black, Fall Out Boy, Midtown, HED PE, Sugarcult, Melvins, Less than Jake, Dead Milkmen, Brand New, Suicide Machines, Veruca Salt, Primer 55, Godhead, No Knife, Gravity Kills... to name a few. As this list continues it becomes a tribute to a venue that has brought an outstanding array of artists to a city of only 50,000 people.

The Warehouse is a no alcohol venue, and no smoking is permitted. There are no "near beers" or non-alcoholic versions of alcohol drinks sold. The Warehouse stocks over 75 sodas from around the world, including sodas from Japan, Germany, Mexico, Ireland, England, Canada, and Thailand.