The Warehouse All Ages Concert Venue Since 1992


The Warehouse is small organization with a big history. We’ve been making a positive impact in the Coulee Region for almost 28 years by supporting young local musicians and their fans, providing a safe haven for area youth to create their own community, free of alcohol and drugs. Warehouse is a true alcohol free venue: there is no attached room with alcohol, no commingling of drinkers and kids. Operating a drug & alcohol free music venue has a lot of expenses, and although some expenses are paid with ticket sales, we can’t serve the community without your support. Join with us as we continue to keep kids off the street and into the music. Give for the years you had at the Warehouse, give for the future of local music, give for one less teen impacted by addiction. Together we can continue to positively affect the youth of the Coulee Region!

(Contributions are tax-deductible. Check with your employer to see if your company has a matching funds program!)


fundraising thermometer


36KIDSoutside2.jpg 9That1Guy26-X3.jpg 53KIDSwatchingonfloor.jpg 24CROWDOf-the-fact-13-X3.jpg 42MICROPHONE.jpg 72An-American-Zero3-X3.jpg 74GROUPwideBW.jpg 14KIDSklaybubba.jpg 45Thira8-X3.jpg 64GROUPwepaintthesky.jpg 17zWHAmultiwrite.jpg 13KIDSwatchingonfloor2.jpg 54CROWDTheFuneralPortrait2-X3.jpg 39WHAwhitewriteBLUE.jpg 48That1Guy14-X3.jpg 62CROWDTheMillenium2-X3.jpg 7AmericanZero127-X3.jpg 51GROUPklaymiddle.jpg 44Shen-Teh9-X3.jpg 73CROWDAmericanZero114-X3.jpg 11WHAwhitewritePINK.jpg 43VersusMe3-X3.jpg 33KIDSERICAotherswatching.jpg 40a10448713_904994506209957_2501713193119126614_o.jpg 61WHAwhitewriteNAVY.jpg 41KIDSnotcrowd.jpg 2KIDSstairwell.jpg 50CROWDInSolace21-X3.jpg 27KIDSfrombehind.jpg 31GROUPunknown.jpg

All photos by our friend, Bob Good, Warehouse Kid who began his concert photography career at the Warehouse.